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Full range of Axes on both Fibreglass and Hickory Shafts. From 2 1/2lb up to 6lb, Hatchets, Felling Axes, Fire Axes, American Axes etc.
Log SplittersLog Splitters
Wide choice of Log Splitting Axes/Mauls, both Fibreglass and Hickory Handled, Canadian Pattern, Quicksplit, and our own Sherwood & Black Forest Patterns.
Forks, Shovels, Spades & RakesForks, Shovels, Spades & Rakes
Wide selection of tools, Draining Spades, Garden Forks, Drain Scoops, Tree Planting Spear, Border Spades etc.
Fencing & Groundwork ToolsFencing & Groundwork Tools
Post Hole Digging Equipment, Post Drivers, Rammers, Fencing Mauls / Mallets, Stob Mells etc.
Edge ProductsEdge Products
Slashers, Brushing Tools, Billhooks, Scythes, Grass Hooks etc.
Log Splitting / Timber WedgesLog Splitting / Timber Wedges
Log Splitting wedges (Timber Wedge's) for use with Canadian Pattern Log Splitters or Hammers. 6" (1kg) to 12" (3kg) sizes and Our Own Bazooka Wedge, and Sherwood Pattern Wedge.
Planting Bags.

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